Privacy Policy

Welcome customers to the privacy policy of Airlines Customer Service. In this webpage, we have disclosed the privacy policy of the company, and we request each of the users to read it carefully. After reading the policy, only if you completely agree, you are supposed to continue accessing the website. In case of partial or full disagreement, you should access the website. Any user who continues to access the website, we will be notified that he/she has completely agreed to the policies.

What is Privacy Policy?

We understand that user will be worried about his personal details instead of system details but the way by which we collect, use, and disclose the information of the user, we assure him/her that his personal details will not be leaked out. However, before agreeing or disagreeing with the privacy policy, read them carefully and cautiously, as it is a very important document, which is made by the company for the user.


We make sure that the data, which is shared by the user, is kept 100% secure. And if you feel that your shared data is at risk then instead of being worried contact us immediately and stop using the website right away.

Choices and Access:

The user is given an option where he can either contact the company directly or message them that how much information of the user the company can use and what all should company mention in their details. Thus, choice and accessibility will keep the personal details of user safe.

Accessing, Changing or Covering personal information

The company gave choices to the user to access, change and cover its personal information, which he/she does not want to be highlighted. The information which user has provided to the company, is correct and later it could be considered, refresh, covered or deleted as per the user’s request. If the user has asked the company to utilize his personal details in limit, then company should do as the user say because the company is using the user’s personal details after all. In addition, it is for the company to send the confirmation mail to the user that his/her request is accepted but there are some details, which are to be mention compulsorily because the company will be needed it for holding their record and that irremovable data will remain inside our databases.

Acceptance of the policy

For our users we have made very liberal policies but sometimes due to some issues the user might face some problems so, in that situation we recommend our users to stop accessing our website. However, if the user continues to use the website it means that he has accepted our company’s policies.